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When you Win the Hermès Lottery: My Horseshoe Reveal

For an Hermès lover, the offer to place a Special Order – to custom create one’s own bag to one’s preferences of color, leather, and stitching – is like winning the handbag lottery. My first special order was indeed that: so special that it commanded a six part series ending in the reveal.

Will be worth coming back to this after todays story.
Part One: Hermes Special Orders: The Reference Guide
Part Two: Special Order Testimonials
Part Three: PurseBop Gets The Call
Part Four: Couples That Special Order Together Stay Together
Part Five: Mr. PurseBop Measures Up
Part Six: PurseBop’s Special Order Birkin Reveal

The reveal of my first Special Order in Blue Hydra chèvre, read full story here PurseBop’s Special Order Birkin Reveal

That’s not to say that this one was any less special, but the circumstances surrounding it were considerably different. The invitation-call came a few days before a scheduled trip to New York City to mark one of my favorite fashion moments. I had been invited to join Christian Louboutin, Linda Fargo and Sabyasachi in an exclusive luncheon at Bergdorf Goodman (read: PurseBop Reveals Louboutin x Sabyasachi Exclusive).

It was my distinct privilege to not only attend but to be seated directly opposite these magnificent fashion icons. The details,  photos, and highlights are in the article linked above.

Mr. Louboutin (far left), Linda Fargo (center), Sabyasachi (far right). Linda welcomes the designers and distinguished guests.

Long talks with Linda Fargo, Mr. Loboutin and Sabyasachi. I had to snap a photo to commemorate this  honor and document my fashion journal. Read: The Chanel Reveal and PurseBop’s Over The Moon for my #bagoftheday details.

The Special Order Decision Making Process

As hard as it was to imagine that this day could get any better, it did. My sojourn ended with a trip to 691 Madison Ave, the NYC mothership, to make selections for my second Hermès dream bag.

This time it didn’t take very long.  Unlike last time, it required no viewing of that colorful dream box filled with rainbows of leather swatches. I knew my special order bag had to be black with some shade of red or pink as the pop interior. I should explain why it had to be black… truthfully I don’t think I can re-write what I wrote years ago any better today, so indulge me this “blast from the past” as I quote myself here from Couples That Special Order Together Stay Together.

“That brings us to Noir. Good old black. Believe it or not, after all my contemplations, careful analysis, ups and downs… Moi, Me, Ms. Color Pop PurseBop posited that a Birkin 25 or 30 in black chèvre with brushed gold hardware and a hot colored lining was my SO dream. I’m certain you readers are rolling your eyes – my family certainly did. Mom thought it was utterly boring and wanted me to pick a bright color. Mr. PurseBop insisted there would be a later opportunity to perhaps purchase a plain black B30 or B25. My dear sales associate was so ‘color encouraging,’ he went so far as to assure me he would podium order me one… and that I should not waste my first SO on black (hint of more to come?) . If this had been my second, third, etc… possibly, but not the very first (a girl can dream right?).

Stubborn me, I loved the idea of a not-so-basic smallish black bag offering a glimpse of color – like lacy red lingerie under a simple shift dress. And permit me to digress: Years ago, at an airport, I thought I spotted a dark colored Birkin in the hands of a nearby traveler. I bobbed and weaved, sped up and slowed down, anxious to get a better look. Finally, near baggage claim I caught up. Understand that that time I was not a walking encyclopedia of all things Hermès, but now, as I picture it in my mind’s eye, I am certain it was a 30cm black Birkin possibly even chèvre… with Rose Jaipur or Rose Lipstick lining. My eyes fixated on her – the owner. I remember her walk, her hair and the swing of her arm. I remember being intrigued by her and her Birkin, shots of bright pink peeking from its creased accordion edges. Before you think I am some stalkerish freak, be honest – haven’t you secretly admired the look of a woman or man and wondered their whole life story in that one moment? This was one of those times. Maybe she’s reading this and smiling… and wondering if it was her.
A B25 in black with contrast lining would be precious for nights out (which are bountiful in my life), perfect to nest in another Birkin for travel and above all just adorably cute. I would be willing to try a little one in luxurious swift leather. I could be gentle, if needed, but delicate does not scare me. A Birkin 25 maybe not be practical for daily use, I acknowledge, but it is very high on my wishlist. In fact it is at the very top!