Givenchy Faux Leather Bag? If Only That Was The Only Problem With This Antigona Replica!

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About a year ago I wrote a piece on designer bags made of artificial leather that was inspired by a Givenchy faux leather bag. The iconic Antigona bag, to be more precise.

Givenchy Faux Leather Bag Real vs Fake Antigona

Back then I was talking about the real Givenchy Antigona Medium but today I’m going to talk about a Antigona Givenchy replica that is obviously not made of real leather either.

Givenchy Faux Leather Bag – Is It Worth It?

My only problem with the authentic Givenchy faux leather bag was its ridiculous price. To me it just didn’t make any sense to spend 2k dollars on rubberised PVC. While I completely understood the ethical reasons behind this, I couldn’t understand why they would ask so much for it. I get people who would wear it to stay true to their values, but shouldn’t it be less expensive?

Some people loved the “vegan” version of the Antigona because they thought that leather-averse bag lovers should be able to enjoy high-end designer bags as well. Others hated it because they thought that Givenchy faux leather bag was just a drab version of the original Antigona. Here’s a photo of the faux leather Givenchy Antigona I’m talking about:

Real Givenchy Antigona Imitation Leather

Original Givenchy Antigona Made of PVC

A reader sent me some photos of her new Antigona Givenchy replica and I have to tell you, there are big differences in quality when it comes to replica bags. It is extremely obvious that this Antigona bag is not made of real leather but that’s not the only reason why it looks so cheap.

You can find a guide on how to authenticate Givenchy Antigona bags here on Spotbags that is also useful for those who are looking for great replicas of this bag. The Givenchy Antigona is already considered an iconic bag, so just like in the case of the ever-popular Givenchy Pandorareplica, people can’t get enough of it! Which is why there are so many replica versions of the Antigona bag that vary from really cheap (both in price and in appearance) to expensive high-end replicas.

The Givenchy Antigona replica in this review is definitely one of the cheap ones. As far as I know the bag was bought from Ioffer but I don’t know any details about the seller.

Antigona Givenchy Replica Review

“Hi Eva,

Got this Antigona Givenchy replica from a seller with many ioffer good reviews. Now that I actually received it I understand that not all those people who comment there know how good replicas should look like. I feel like I got scammed in a way but I know it’s really my fault…

Anyway, I know you always say we should check other customer reviews and I just wanted to tell people to be more careful.

Take a look and let me know what you think please. The bag was super cheap btw, so I’m not upset :) Also, it looks pretty much like the photos the seller has on his page, so I’m not mad at him either”

Givenchy Faux Leather Bag

Replica Antigona Givenchy Faux Leather Bag

Antigona Givenchy Replica Back of the bag

Antigona Givenchy Replica Viewed From The Back

Antigona Givenchy Replica Side Of the bag

Antigona Givenchy Replica Viewed From The Side

Antigona Givenchy Replica Bottom of the bag

Antigona Givenchy Replica Base Pads On the Bottom

Antigona Givenchy Replica Metal Pieces

Antigona Givenchy Replica Poor Engravings

Givenchy Antigona Replica Front Logo

Givenchy Antigona Replica Metal Logo Zoom

Antigona Givenchy Replica Inside View

Antigona Givenchy Replica Logo Stamp

My advice regarding checking out the customer reviews was actually for the sellers on . I received plenty of Aliexpress reviews lately that proved there are some really good replica sellers there. But I haven’t received any ioffer good reviews to prove me wrong. But you are right about one thing: even when the customer reviews are real, you can’t expect everybody to be a replica expert. So even if someone rates a replica bag with five stars, this doesn’t mean the bag is actually worth the five stars. People’s opinions are the result of subjectivity…

This replica Givenchy faux leather bag has plenty of flaws. If I were to write a new piece on “How to authenticate Givenchy Antigona”, I would probably use these photos and say “Just make sure it doesn’t look like this at all”. Yup, it’s that bad.

My problem with this Givenchy faux leather bag is not just the material it’s made of, really. A replica bag made of imitation leather can still look good. The most obvious giveaways are the triangle pad, the metal logo, the hardware engravings, the base pads, the interior tag and the size of the handles. So basically the entire bag is an obvious fake.

My conclusion? While when it comes to authentic bags the price is not necessarily a quality standard, when it comes to replica bags it definitely is. I’m sure the Givenchy Antigona Medium will remain one of the most popular designer bags this year too, so let me know if you need any more advice on how to authenticate Givenchy Antigona bags!

Also, I just realized there’s not a single review of a Givenchy Pandora replica on the blog, which is super weird because I know how sought-after this bag is. So is any of you girls willing to send me a review of this Givenchy bag?

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Givenchy’s Fall 2016 Runway Bag Collection is something we always hoped for. Like an answer to our prayer, Givenchy made a statement that reverberated all throughout the runway with only one style that looks so posh and luxurious nonetheless.

Onlookers were quite surprised with this as they were expecting for more but for us, Givenchy did great by showcasing their only bag design: a mini structured top handle bag worn across the body, made of genuine crocodile skin that comes in three classic colors: Black, Red and Brown. The luxurious French fashion house took inspirations from the Victorian era and the ancient Egyptians with a bold, modern touch for their Fall 2016 Runaway Collection.

As the dresses, jackets and boleros are adorned with intricate and detailed patterns, we couldn’t help but admire the simplicity and elegance of their newest bags for they simply complemented the clothes without overdoing it. The mini structured top handle bag in black is such a classic that it goes well with any color.


The red one on the other hand is a perfect match for that Little White Dress of yours as it adds a splash of color to your classic look.



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Not The Givenchy Antigona Replica Bag Of Your Dreams!

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I noticed that when it comes to popular replica handbags like the Givenchy Antigona replica bag, people are more likely to stumble upon disappointing websites. Review

Replica sites want to sell, of course, so they’ll lure their customers with low prices and popular designs. But just like this review shows, things are not always what they seem…or what we hope them to be!

A friend of mine bought the Givenchy Antigona knockoff from one of these replica sites but the good part was that she was able to return it. Experiences like this can ruin all replica bags for us and that’s why you choose the site carefully:

“Hi Eva!

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of this site before since I didn’t see a review on your blog and that’s why I wanted to share my story.

I purchased a Givenchy Antigona replica from them since I found it to be quite affordable and I liked that there are photos and description for each bag. But the whole experience has left a rather bad taste in my. They offer credit card among the payment methods they list on their site but I found out upon Checkout that Mastercard payments are actually not supported, so I was foolish enough to go with Western Union instead :(

The bag arrived 9 days after I made the payment (weekend included) and even though I don’t pretend to be an expert, it’s really bad! It doesn’t hold its shape at all because the leather is really thin and the logo pad is way too flat! Also, the hardware felt really cheap and I’m sure the color would fade off after just a few wears.

I contacted them through email, gave my order number and explained that the reason why I want to exchange it is because it doesn’t look like in their photos! But their exchange policy doesn’t support this reason, just defective or damaged replica bags!

The customer service was extremely disappointing because they answered very slowly but in the end I was able to return the bag, even though I had to pay all the shipping fees. I sent you some photos for you and your readers, I think you’ll understand better

I do not want to use them ever again and I already warned my friends too!

But I still want this Givenchy Antigona replica bag, can you please help me find a good one Eva?”

Givenchy Antigona Replica Bag Front View

Givenchy Antigona Replica Bag Front View

Givenchy Antigona Replica Bag Back View

Givenchy Antigona Replica Bag Back View

Givenchy Antigona Replica Bag Bottom View

Givenchy Antigona Replica Bag Bottom View

Givenchy Antigona Replica Bag Logo

Givenchy Antigona Replica Bag Logo

Givenchy Antigona Replica Bag Zip Top

Givenchy Antigona Replica Bag Zip Top

Givenchy Antigona Replica Bag Hardware

Givenchy Antigona Replica Bag Hardware

Givenchy Antigona Replica Bag Interior Logo Tab

Givenchy Antigona Replica Bag Interior Logo Tab

Thank you for sending this review, it’s been a while since I’ve seen one of their bags! You made the right decision to return this Givenchy replica bag, it was really ugly!

The logo tab was indeed too flat, the interior leather tab was not even straight, the protective leather tabs on the bottom were not even, the handle tabs look really bad and the overall shape doesn’t do any justice to the real Antigona we all love! Ugh, why do replica Givenchy bags like this even exist?

Has any of you girls found the perfect Givenchy Antigona replica bag? Let’s help our friend find the bag of her dreams!

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Hold on what you’re doing right now. We have a small announcement to make… and it’s about the Resort 2015 Bag Collection.

We know, we just showed you the Fall 2015 Collection, isn’t it too early?

Uh no, it’s always a good things to be ahead of the curve in the fashion world. But anyways, a new bag will be released. It’s as futuristic as it can be – designed with sharp edges in a unique shape.

It’s tiny flap bag, ladies… with a long chain.



And be prepared as it comes in beautiful white color but also in exotic green python leather to steal your heart. It’s elegant and timeless, featuring a new front-clasp too.

More details will be shared when we get more information. Stay tuned!







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The Givenchy Classic Nightingale Bag Gets an Update for Pre-fall 2015

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For Pre-Fall 2015, Creative Director Riccardo Tisci has given an update to the Givenchy’s classic Nightingale Bag. The Nightingale Bag has been around for many years and has remained an iconic bag for the Brand. Check out the comparisons of the old and New Nightingale bags which is available for Pre-fall 2015.

Old Nightingale Bag
Givenchy Old Nightingale Bag
When the Nightingale Bag first came out, the bag features horizontal and vertical stitching on its body. It also has a zip detail on its thick shoulder strap. The bag also appears with embossed or metal Givenchy logo on the base of the bag’s handles. A small Nightingale Bag usually costs $2,090.00 (USD) for goat leather.

New Nightingale Bag
Givenchy New Nightingale Bag
The New Nightingale Bag is set to release as part of the Pre-Fall 2015 Collection. It features a sleek and minimal design, minus the stitching on the body. It now has a thin adjustable and detachable leather strap. The base of the handles are left simple and no longer bears the Givenchy logo. Givenchy Paris appears as a hot stamp on the front of the bag.  The sleek newer design comes out to slightly more than the previous version, the small size starts at $2,190.00 (USD).



Givenchy New Nightingale Medium Bag $2,450.00 (USD)
Givenchy New Nightingale Small Bag $2,190.00 (USD)

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I Really Love Kylie Jenner’s Givenchy Antigona

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Kylie Jenner Givenchy Antigona

I know, I know–so many of you don’t want to hear anything else about the Kardashians. But I’m not here to gossip about them, I’m here to share a bag I spotted on Kylie Jenner’sInstagram page that I fell in love with, and I just now found it available for sale online.

The Givenchy Antigona is seasons old by now, but the style continues to be a favorite for plenty of fashion lovers, including yours truly. A couple months ago, I bought myself a pale pink Antigona and I still adore the bag; it’s so girly, which is not always my style, but I kind of love having something different than my norm. I reviewed the bag and found quite a few areas that I think could be fixed, but because I love the look of the bag so much, I find myself checking out retailers’ newest arrivals to see the latest versions of the bag.

Givenchy Antigona Tan Orange Black

A couple weeks go, the youngest Kardashian-Jenner, Kylie, posted a picture on Instagram of an Antigona riding shotgun in her car. I immediately fell in love with the color combination.

The main color of this Antigona is tan, but the gussets are black and the shoulder strap and trim details are orange. This trifecta of colors is edgy and stylish; different from so many of the Antigonas I’ve seen and incredibly different from my super-girly version. I don’t love it just because it’s Kylie Jenner’s bag (although let’s just be honest and admit she has an amazing handbag collection), but I can thank Kylie for posting it and leading me to hunt it down.

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