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Louis Vuitton Epi leather series was given a color magic, burst out of the new style. Vivid and vibrant colors make it more vivid unique leather texture make this become a modern symbol of classic moments.

Louis Vuitton Alma handbag series Xintian dozen colors options, ranging from deep purple to bold fluorescent figs, rich warm lemon yellow to orange, sky blue to striking the delicate cocoa brown, fresh mint green to cool rock gray, black and plum red in addition to outside the optic series, has added a new electro-optical green glowing gorgeous sheen. Each color all the time expressing themselves distinctive style and fashion attitude. Yesterday, I was indigo. Today, I was Carmine. Ming, who knows! ?
More designs will soon join magic feast of color, three-color mosaic of limited design, burst infinite vitality of life - the first is a shoulder bag: casual, relaxed, hands; followed by one of the Petit Noé classic handbag , the prototype for the creation in 1932 of Noé, to accommodate five bottles of champagne. Furthermore, in order to add mix of fun, colorful small leather goods are also essential: the classic Zippy zipper wallet, Sarah wallet and card sets ......
Fun-filled life, full of emotions, varied styles - colors that magic. The new Magic Epi series debut.

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