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Here`s another reader submitted review from a Spot Bags favorite, Aleia. This time she`s looking, a website that I`ve been super curious about of late but don`t know nearly enough about. Lucky for us, Aleia delivers one of her classic reviews and teaches us a thing or two about this website and a simple gorgeous replica Hermes Birkin bag in the process. Enjoy, I know that I did!

“Dearest Eva,

Hope you had a great weekend at the beach! Yesterday I picked up the Birkin I ordered for a friend(the site you recommended) and the quality more that covers up for totally ignoring their promise to send by DHL or TNT, here’s a summary of my experience with them and pictures of the bag (my friend screamed and jumped in joy when I gave it to her )

My friend wanted the 40cm Birkin in Jean blue color in Clemence leatherl. I sent an email to check their customer service, check if the bag is in stock before I order and finally to insist the order be sent by DHL/TNT/UPS as EMS to where I live are very slow and I have to clear customs myself. They reply very fast to emails.

The bag was in stock and they agreed to send by a good courier service, I placed my order and they charge $105 for shipping and handling, I found that a little pricy compared to other sites, I got a 5% discount for paying by western union, they took a couple of days to pick up payment and sent out the order three days after, by EMS! That really annoyed me since they promised to ship by a good courier service and they charged a lot on shipping, 8 days later I got a call from the local post to pick up my order..and the bag is a beauty Eva! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, what do you think? And isn’t the color soo perfect! (I didn’t removed any of the protective stickers b4 I took photos).”

That is an amazing bag, Aleia. I think I need one now! Hee Hee. I have to say though, you`re right about the $105 shipping being pricey (especially considering they ended up sending your bag EMS anyway) but I`m glad that the bag and the service were top notch. Let`s count as another quality website to consider and hope they improve their shipping in the coming months. Thanks Aleia!

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