Khloe Kardashian Carries Her Trusty Blue Birkin

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Khloe Kardashian Hermes Birkin

Here’s Khloe Kardashian, arriving at LAX to fly to destinations unknown, keeping it somewhat low-key with sweats, Nikes and a cobalt blue Hermès Birkin. This Birkin is a particular favorite of hers; she’s had it for several years and carries it pretty regularly. In fact, we just saw her carrying it last week in NYC. You can peruse Khloe’s extremely colorful handbag collection in “The Many Bags of Khloe Kardashian.”

Khloe definitely has the most diverse bag collection out of all the Kardashian sisters. While the Kardashians rarely carry anything other than the biggest, most expensive “It” bags out there (Céline, Hermès, Chanel), Khloe is far more likely to choose a bolder hue or an unusual shape. Which adds a little more variety to my day, especially now that Kim K. wears/carries black, tan and beige almost exclusively.

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Miranda Kerr and Her Birkin Look Beautiful in Spite of the Sweltering Heat

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Miranda Kerr Hermes Birkin

Here’s supermodel Miranda Kerr, doing Miranda Kerr things on an especially steamy, 93-degree day in New York City and making an intentionally exposed black bralet look ridiculously chic, somehow. (Strangely enough, the woman standing behind her is trying the exact same thing. I’d say Miranda wears it better, but I might be biased by my insane girl crush on MK.) Miranda is carrying a black Hermes Birkin, natch.

Unless you just landed here, you probably know that Miranda is one of our favorite celebs to feature on PurseBlog and TalkShoes; her accessories picks usually trump every other celeb’s bag and/or shoes on any given day. You can see all of her exceptional fashion ensembles in “The Many Bags of Miranda Kerr”, “The Many Bags of Miranda Kerr, Part 2″, and “The Many Shoes of Miranda Kerr.”

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2014 Sping Summer Luxury Designer Handbags Street Snapes Collection

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Spring time is just passed, but the awesome and colorful luxury designer handbags won’t never been go out, and here we take a look of few luxury brand bags’ street snapes to help you make decision shop them online. Including Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior and Hermes, those stylish model handbags will bring you a nice time.

1. Louis Vuitton Capucines BB Tote


Louis Vuitton Capucines BB Tote is new size which created this year since it is famous in its MM size which was already hotter than fire, but the BB size is so much cuter which an ideal bag for the Summer. BB LV Capucines Size is 7.9 x 10.6 x 3.5 inches and now they are available for sale at  for nice price, free shipping!

2. Boy Chanel By Night Small Flap Bag in Black


The Boy Chanel Reverso Flap bag from the pre-spring summer 2014 collection which come out in a small size with classic edition design. With the iconic black design, it has been invited by Karl Lagerfeld to the Spring Summer 2014 party. Big masculine chain looks probably better on the shoulder.

Boy Chanel By Night Small Flap Bag in Black
Style code: A90248
Size: 4.7 x 7.9 x 2.8 inches
Price: $4,900 USD

3. Dior Haute Couture Evening Pouch


This time, Jessica Alba offer the Dior Haute Couture Evening Pouch street snape to us. Made in the classic black color and crafted from luxurious calfskin, the refined jewel clasp will help you steal the night.

4. Hermes Birkin


Take a view of Eva Longoria carry Hermes Birkin, the most popular khkai with classic model design sure lightened up your style.

5. Dior Soft Bag Red


Jenna Bentley carry a Dior Red Soft Bag with her sexy high heels perfect for a party.

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Elizabeth Hurley Steps Out with a Rare Hermes Birkin

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Elizabeth Hurley carries a rare Hermes Birkin in London (5)

Elizabeth Hurley was recently spotted leaving her humble abode in London carrying an Hermes So Black Birkin. If you’ve ever wondered why the So Black Birkins only appear in the hands of an extremely select set of celebs, allow us to regale you with a little So Black Hermes Birkin backstory. This extremely rare all-black version (black box calf with matching black hardware) of the traditional Birkin was first released in 2010. Because of production issues, some of the bags weren’t released until 2011, and they haven’t been reproduced by the brand since then, according to our research. That makes the So Black exponentially rarer than your average Birkin.

These bags were available in both matte alligator and box calf, and Hurley has the box calf version, as does Kim Kardashian, who owns a crazy stash of Birkins of every make and model.Tamara Ecclestone also lays claim to dozens of Birkins, including the Hermes So Black Alligator Birkin, which is the most ridiculously gorgeous Birkin of the whole lot, IMHO. It’s no secret that I’m pretty blah about most Hermes Birkins, both as bag and cultural phenomenon, but the So Blacks are so alluring, I honestly wonder why Hermes ever tried black hardware again.

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Hermes Birkin, Rare Luxury Leather Birkin Bags

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Hermes Birkin bags in Ostrich leather, Snake leather, Lizard leather are rare leather, Crocodile leather is one of Hermes Birkin leather Platinum, is known for its rare luxury.
This is not only because of the scarce number of crocodiles, it is because of the slow growth of crocodiles and extremely high culture, while Hermes Birkin crocodile skin that can be used is limited to the narrow part of the crocodile belly. Usually a normal dinner in small packs needs “sacrifice” the crocodiles to make more than two complete, Hermes so that harsh to material critical of big brands are as long as thousands of selected boutique, so Hermes Birkin Crocodile leather bag has been retained in the market are extremely expensive prices. Hermes Birkin Crocodile leather beauty in its natural gradient of graph lines, despite the lack of flexibility, but the texture is very sturdy, there was Hermes Birkin Crocodile leather bag as long as proper maintenance will use more and more luster, with more and more flexible.Bay woman “Victoria Beckham” repeatedly to hand carry five digits worth of Hermes Birkin Crocodile leather bag out of the street. Turns out, dressed normal, as long as there is a Hermes Birkin Crocodile leather bag is enough for envy. Display worth having, a bright spot on enough! Shell woman absolutely is a follower of Hermes Birkin.
Glossy Hermes Birkin Crocodile leather bag sewing small defects can occur during tanning again amended. While matte crocodile skin Hermes Birkin are more difficult to deal with, once uneven color in dyeing process, you cannot repair, a sheet of leather will be eliminated. Therefore, Matt Hermes Birkin Crocodile leather bag is more expensive.
Hermes Birkin Lizard leather bag leather from the most ancient reptiles. Because the only Lizard part of abdomen can be used, and the leather must be similar. This represents the final product contains only the central parts of Lizard leather, because it is only typical of the region in order to make the izard leather grain. After izard leather trim must be subject to repression, this Hermes Birkin izard leather bag is made of soft feel protected. Because the cost of materials and the production process need to invest a great deal of, so Hermes Birkin izard leather bag of precious value comparable to gold. Hermes Birkin izard leather bag its delicate texture and distinctive color is also a’s eyes light up, grey-green, and Navy blue color choices are unique enough is enough low-key, Hermes Birkin izard leather bag detailed design is very atmospheric, combined with elements of Pop rivets and metal parts, handle is also very healthy clear, Hermes Birkin izard leather Bag is full of youthful vigor while maintaining quality.
Hermes Birkin Snake leather bag thin and delicate, elastic, soft and dry, gives a wonderful touch. Hermes Birkin Snake leather pattern is unsurpassed, whether it is natural color, or is hand-dyed, love Hermes Birkin Snake leather bag of beautiful women tend to get lost in it. Hermes Birkin Snake leather bag as light, usually used in spring and summer, style is mostly to leisure. In terms of price, Hermes Birkin ostrich skin and Snake leather bag crocodile grain more moderate. Therefore, Hermes Birkin Snake leather bag for a few minutes less suspected of showing off, more than a few casual chic. Younger older, as long as you like, Hermes Birkin Snake leather bag China will give you better.
Hermes Birkin Ostrich leather bag soft plump, cortex is not thick, sturdy and powerful. Hermes Birkin Ostrich leather bag unique lines, was formed after the feathers out of the small bumps, brings a pleasant touch. Hermes Birkin Ostrich leather bag in Ostrich leather, ostrich neck point, only an ostrich leather one-third all. And crocodile leather handbags, Hermes Birkin Ostrich leather bag is expensive, but one investment, lifelong enjoyment.

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Mindy Kaling Has Joined the Hermes Birkin Club

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Mindy Kaling carries a tan Hermes Birkin in NYC (5)

Here’s an immaculately dressed Mindy Kaling, leaving the set of the Today show yesterday morning with a classic tan Hermes Birkin on her arm. Mindy is looking amazing these days – this hair, makeup, and styling are all perfect for her. She’s been doing the press rounds to promote the second season of The Mindy Project on FOX. (Which you should absolutely watch, btw.)

I have to say, while it makes sense that Mindy would invest in a Birkin because a) she’s wildly successful and b) she loves other big designer names like Chanel, I initially felt slightly betrayed by her big Birkin splurge. Why, you ask? Because Mindy Kaling is a quirky writerly type like me, and I’ve never really felt there was room for quirky writerly types in Club Birkin. Way to make me question everything I know, Mindy.

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