Well, That Was Quick: New Record Hermès Birkin Auction Rings Up at Over $300k

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If it seems like it was very recently that we brought you news of a brand new world record Hermès Birkin sale, that’s because it was. In April, Privé Porter sold a Birkin in braise red crocodile for $298,000 to a collector in California, but now, according to CNN, that figure has been eclipsed by a Birkin sold by Christie’s in Hong Kong for just over $300,000.

The Birkin, seen above, is a 30cm in Himalayan Niloticus crocodile, finished with diamond-encrusted 18k gold hardware. The final auction price was $300,168, and a representative for Christie’s described the anonymous buyer as a “private Asian collector.” The bag will undoubtedly be the jewel of his or her collection.

In a market where it’s increasingly simple for shoppers across the globe to get their hands on exactly the bag they want at any time, competition for the rarest Birkins among the world’s wealthy elite has escalated quickly. It wasn’t long ago that it was rare to hear that a bag sold for six figures at all, and now Birkins priced above $100,000 pop up for purchase at a click of the button at Moda Operandi from time to time. Now that auction prices have hit the mid-six figures, it’s anyone’s guess as to where the bags’ final values may eventually level out, and if the speed of the auction prices’ increase is any indication, we may not find out for years.

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Covet That Classic: Hermès Birkin

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You know it’s a party when you can feast your eyes on Hermès Kelly, Constance and Lindy bags in the same room. But it is the beautiful Birkin bag that always catches my eye. Free of logos, it is still one of the most recognized bags in the fashion world and public alike, since 1984.

image 01

Created and named in honour of actress Jane Birkin, the Birkin is highly coveted–the six-year waiting list has held and possibly even increased, the bag’s value with age. Though the list no longer exists since 2010, it doesn’t mean there is any less demand for this leather beauty. With a high resale value, the Birkin bag is on every fashionista’s wish list.
image 03

Bigger than the Hermès style named after Grace Kelly, the Birkin bag features a lockable flap closure and two handles–the Kelly only has one handle. Featuring a number-coded lock and keys in a leather clochette, the iconic bag is indeed a sight to behold.

image 02

Available in six sizes (25, 30, 35, 40, 50 and 55 centimeters) and a wide variety of colours, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to investing in your first Birkin.

With a variety of hides, from calf-leather to ostrich and lizard skins, the most expensive Birkin yet is the saltwater crocodile skin. Fun fact: the bags with smaller scales are more costly than those with larger scales. A health warning to note: with a goatskin interior, the Birkin bag is one heavy handbag.

image 04

While I particularly like the gold-plated metallic hardware, there has been interesting customization of the metal lock in leather or diamond additions to truly make it a one-of-a-kind.

Don’t just remember these facts about this classic bag; view Reebonz’s Royale selection of beautiful pieces to adorn your wardrobe today.

Start coveting, start investing. The Hermès Birkin will never run out of style.

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10 Things You Might Not Know About the Hermès Birkin

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How Long Can the Hermès Birkin Stay on Top?

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Last week, Bloomberg published an interesting look at the enduring popularity of theHermès Birkin, highlighting the bag’s somewhat unlikely endurance in a fashion landscape besotted with novelty. Over a decade after Sex and the City centered an entire episode around a character’s quest for a Birkin, women are still questing for it all over the globe. How long can that last?

It was barely two weeks ago that we brought you news of yet another record-breaking Hermès auction, this time for a pink crocodile Birkin from Christie’s in Hong Kong. As writer Lauren Sherman notes in the Bloomberg article, Hermès has had great success expanding its appeal into flourishing Asian markets, which have turned their attentions from designer logos to so-called “quiet luxury.”

Sherman also discusses the difficulty that other brands have had competing with Hermès; although more brands than ever are in the French stalwart’s price tier, none of them have been able to create the same kind of sustained interest in the five-figure price range, which is Hermès’ bread and butter. For now, the brand is without peers, and building up the kind of brand story and loyalty required to demand $10,000 for a leather bag is not something that’s done overnight, or even over the course of a few seasons. Even though the Birkin doesn’t appeal to everyone, its throne is safe for now.

The tough thing about luxury, though, is that premier designer brands are always trying to balance the paradox of selling enough product to grow but making every customer feel like he or she is buying something special and rare. In the case of Hermès, that balance is more high-stakes than for any other brand; much of the Birkin’s appeal is in its rarity, and increasing production too much could soften demand.

Do you think the Birkin can stay on top forever, and if not, which brand do you think is likely to knock it out of the handbag world’s top spot?

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Irina Shayk Texts While Crossing the Street, Endangering Her Givenchy Bag

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Irina Shayk Givenchy Pandora Box Bag

Here’s supermodel Irina Shayk, crossing the street in the West Village while engrossed in her phone. She’s carrying a beautiful Givenchy Pandora Box Bag, which is (you guessed it) an even boxier, more structured take on the popular Pandora bag. You can find this extremely tempting new Givenchy design.

We just saw Irina in the city last month with a bright blue Hermes Birkin. A simple maxi dress or skirt accented with a conspicuously high-end bag seems to be her go-to look for summer 2014. Irina doesn’t have her own edition of “Many Bags” just yet, but you can see some of her best handbags in “50+ Bags on the Arms of Our Favorite Supermodels.”

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Hermes Knock-off Totes & Messenger Replicas

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Hermes was founded in year 1837 by Thierry Hermes and is still a family owned company. The company key products today are scarves, ties, leather goods, jewellery, perfumes, home objects and fashion products. The brand's headquarters are in Paris and the company operates in over 30 countries. The Birkin craziness is still not over and the brand is winning over thousands of fashion conscious people who value their elegance, quality and traditions.

At the beginning the brand's main specialty was leather products and saddles. When Emile-Maurice Hermes inherited the company he turned the company away from the saddle business and started manufacturing various leather luggage items. Famous handbags, including Victoria purse and Hermes silk purses are available on their web page.

Handbags from this brand are among the most exclusive purses in the world. They are not only a status symbol, but also represent a unique quality of material and manufacturing. Purses from this French luxury manufacturer are made of the finest quality leather, including also such materials as crocodile, ostrich, calf and lizard. There are several bags which are world famous, for example, the Kelly bag and Birkin. Kelly bag is named after Monaco Princess Grace Kelly. Grace Kelly appeared on the cover of Life Magazine in 1956 with the Kelly bag, trying o hide her pregnancy. This IT bag has been one of the most dominating on the market and it is also one of the first luxury handbags to receive the fashion name IT handbag. There are actually many ways to purchase Birkin bag and there are some possibility to buy it over internet. More on Hermes purses 

Another sought after luxury purse is the Birkin bag named after famous actress Jane Birkin. She happened to travel on one airplane with Hermes president Jean-Louis Dumas and complained that the Kelly bag she owned was not comfortable for daily use - after that she co-designed the new bag with the French luxury brand. Price of Birkin bag starts from six thousand dollars up to whatever a true Birkin bag admirer is willing to pay. Wait time for Birkin bag is several years, although depending on availability of bag in the store one could simply go into shop and buy the desired Birkin. Birkin is very popular among celebrities and has become even more popular after featuring on the Sex and the City and Gilmore Girls. Now famous Birkin is available in smaller version designed by Jean Paul Gaultier. One of the ultimate versions is the bright blue 35 centimeter Hermes Birkin in Crocodile leather with Diamond detailings. A piece of art, nothing less.

There are rumours that one can actually go into the boutique of the brand and get a Birkin bag right away. The key is to buy some other Hermes products, be well dressed and know a lot about the brand merchandise. Whether it is true, nobody knows.

Every year thousands of replica Birkin bags are hand made in Asia. Nowadays quality and materials are very good and although it will not replace the original designer bag fake Hermes replica handbags cost less and have similar look than original purse. Replica Kelly Wallet will be the mirror image Hermes wallet. However replica fake Birkin bags and fake Hermes wallets is not a solution. Cheap fake purses are only distort the market.

The latest success is the beautiful Kelly Long Wallet in alligator. This is another luxury leather item available also in other materials from goatskin to calfskin, and in different colours. Its price is about $2000. This brand has always been about the excellence and luxury. The Kelly Long Wallet is sought after accessory. Most likely there soon be replica wallets all over the internet, copying this excellent French brand.

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