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Hermès’ Étain Roulis 23

Hermès’ Étain Roulis 23 is a year around color leather with white stitching and a big permabrass Chaîne d’Ancre that holds the flap closed!  Coming with a dustbag and box, it’s brand new and never worn, an R in a box.  The leather strap has a drop of eighteen inches, so may be crossbody depending on your body.  Inside is a matching leather lining with two sections inside and has a slide pocket both front and back, while the very back has another slide pocket.  Clémence leather is the frosting on this Roulis!


We all know what Hermès is best known for, from the Birkin to the Garden Party to everything else in between, all of which are instantly recognisable, which is the main reason why anyone would fork out that much for any Hermès bag to begin with, right?

For those, however, who appreciate the craftsmanship and quality that comes with a French luxury house but prefer to fly under the radar, there are bags from Hermès that don’t scream ‘look at how much I just spent here!’ but are no less beautiful and functional. Take the Roulis 23, for example. Made of Evercolor calfskin and anchored with a palladium-plated silver clasp, she’s a clutch, she’s a shoulder bag, she’s also an across-the-body sling, measuring 23 cm across by 20 cm.

Priced at GBP4490 (ok, she’s still expensive, but still a tad lower than her Birkin and Kelly siblings), this is the bag you use for work, and this is the bag you use for play, especially since you’ll find 2 large compartments in its interior, along with a patch pocket divider that runs down the middle of the bag.